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Volunteers, both in and out of the classroom, are an essential resource and contribute to the success of the school. In order to volunteer, you must first register through the Oakland Education Fund volunteer website to initiate the process as either a supervised or unsupervised volunteer.

Classroom Volunteers

There are many ways to volunteer in the classroom and your child’s teacher will let you know how you can assist at Back to School Night, as well as throughout the school year. All classes depend on the following:

Room Parent

Each class has a Room Parent(s) who helps to keep the communication flowing between parents and teacher. You can count on receiving regular communications from your Room Parent highlighting pertinent classroom and school information.

In-Class Volunteers

Each teacher, depending on the grade level and style of teaching, will have different needs for in-class (supervised) volunteers. The following guidelines should be used when volunteering in the classroom:

  1. Classroom and student work is always confidential. Please do not discuss student problems with anyone except the teacher.
  2. Try not to compare children within the classroom.
  3. There are many different methods of teaching, as there are teachers. Please refrain from comparing different methods used from one classroom to another.
  4. Work positively for the good of the school. Constructive criticism should be directed only to the supervising teacher or school administrator.

Field Trip Drivers

Teachers depend on parents to drive and chaperone on field trips. The school does not provide a bus for these activities, therefore, these trips would not be possible without volunteers. Each driver must have the following in place in order to drive on field trips:

  1. Signed Declaration of Driver form with a copy of both up-to-date insurance and driver’s license information on file with the school.
  2. An UNSUPERVISED volunteer clearance badge through the Oakland Education Fund, which requires a completed TB risk assessment form and Live Scan fingerprinting.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding volunteer clearance.

Share Your Expertise

Throughout the year, Principal Nguyễn and Crocker teachers look to bring in speakers and guests who can share cultural, career, or educational experiences with our students. Additionally, there are broader OUSD activities that can also benefit from the amazing experience that Crocker families have.

Are you willing to share your talents, expertise and experience?

Share your areas of interest

Help us continue to bring more unique perspectives to our students!

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