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PTA Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Crocker Highlands PTA is to:

  • support the school’s efforts in achieving equitable outcomes for all students
  • positively impact the entire school community
  • create a sustainable environment
  • promote involvement and inclusiveness for all families
  • enrich quality education

What does the Crocker Highlands PTA do?

The Crocker Highlands parent-teacher association (PTA) works with the principal, teacher representatives, and parent members to ensure the delivery of high-quality programs that enhance each child’s education. The PTA also supports programs to build and foster the school community.

Programs the PTA funds

The PTA budget goes to support a variety of programs.

  • Intervention programs in math & ELA
  • Classroom aides
  • Social and emotional programs and support
  • Lunchtime and recess supervision and equipment
  • The edible garden
  • Music
  • Library and technology
  • Physical education
  • Spanish instruction
  • Professional development
  • Parent education

PTA Funding Comes from the Community!

  • Annual Giving
  • Annual auction (spring)
  • Annual walkathon

The PTA also works to foster a strong school community! The PTA sponsors events throughout the year to bring students, teachers, and families together to celebrate our school community. The PTA also coordinates programs to assist school families.

  • Annual Spaghetti Feed
  • Science Fair
  • Holiday Craft Fair
  • Math Night
  • Walk to School Day
  • Book Fair
  • The Caring Community Coordinator
  • After-school enrichment programs
  • Periodic lice checks

How you can help Get involved!

  • Volunteer to help with an event.
  • Attend school functions and PTA meetings.
  • Donate to the Annual Fund and support other school fundraisers!
  • Join the PTA!

For more information contact us at

For more information about PTA fundraising, go to our Fundraising page.

Why Join the PTA?

  • Benefits your child and the school. Research has proven that kids do better in school when parents are involved. Grades are higher, test scores improve, and attendance increases.
  • Connects you to a network. The PTA and its functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport, and discuss ideas.
  • Means more informed parents. Parents involved in the PTA understand the challenges schools face and become part of the solution. They support improving education – both locally and legislatively – and as a result, schools develop a positive reputation in the community.
  • Boosts children’s well-being. PTAs focus on what students need inn order to be successful in school, including the benefits of good nutrition and health, physical fitness, school safety – even starting the day with a nutritious breakfast.
  • Gets you connected and gives you a voice. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school than by being part of the PTA. Because the PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas, you are encouraged to make suggestions, and in this way, more effectively create change at your school.
  • Improves your skills. By volunteering with the PTA, you gain valuable experiences. It’s an opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use for a great cause!
  • Results in school improvement. PTAs play an important role in fundraising, which provides building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events – all vital to a school’s success.
  • Makes you a good role model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child(ren) the importance you place on education.