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Equity & Anti-Racism Committee Initiatives

The equity committee meets monthly to move the ball forward on a variety of equity-related initiatives. These are member-driven efforts aimed at advancing one or more of the committee’s goals. Members are welcome to propose new initiatives, join existing ones, or simply attend meetings to stay in the loop. Below are key initiatives that we are currently working on. To get involved in any of these or to learn more, please email


Awareness & Learning Educate parents, teachers, students, and families on the concept of anti-racism, equity and inclusion work, how that applies to each one of us, and what we can do about it.
Inclusion & Engagement Cultivate and sustain an inclusive and anti-racist school culture for families and staff, where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has the desire and resources to be engaged.
School System Reforms Lay a foundation for this school to be recognized as a great school for reasons beyond test scores. Build a school culture where equity, inclusion and anti-racism are central to the identity of our school community.
Community Connections Strengthen our connections to each other and the rest of Oakland. Create external relationships with local schools and advocate for more equitable practices throughout OUSD, including a commitment to resource sharing and community service.

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